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Capsize Game - April 12th - Cancelled
mysticdragons00 wrote in livebythedie
The Easter game is now officially going to be Will's Capsize game. If you'd like to get a little more information about the game, please take a look at the LivebytheDie website (under the capsize campaign) where I have uploaded the Airships & E-Ships supplements that Will is using to help plan his game. They have rules for Airships and even have some extra prestige classes and feats.

Will is going to post later about remaking characters and choose professions for on board the ship. The links below are direct links to the pdfs and will automatically open in your web browser. The Airships pdf is a little big and may take a bit longer to load, just be patient.

E-Ships Supplement

Bob can't make the game on Easter so looks like we are either doing nothing or someone else will have to step up to run a Shadowrun game.

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Just want to make sure where the game is being held at. Will it be my house, So as soon as we get done with the game we can walk or drive the 1/3 of a mile to have Easter dinner?

I posted the above question/comment.

Ok. I will have a shadow run game ready... I will be the GM...

I'm Sorry!

I'm a failure! :-(

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