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Poisoning the Water
ray20886 wrote in livebythedie


Hello all.
     Here is the lastest adventrue that JD went on.  I hope you all enjoy it.  The is something extra in there for Bob (our Gm). 

    P.s.  Hey Bob,  Make a comment on how much Karma reward you have give each story.


Two days ago I had surgery to have a digestive expansion, and today my Com-Link indicated an incoming message. I found a voice mail message by someone unfamiliar to me. “Dane would like to meet you as Sergè’s, he has a job for you”. Dane had to be rolling in money if he had people to send out messages for him. Along with the message that was addressed to Serge’s was a time to meet, which was ASAP. 


As I was walking down the stairs to leave to meet Dane, a housemate and fellow Shadowrunner, Shaun, held up an AR post-note of Dane’s message. “Did you receive this as well?” She asked.


“Yes I was going over there now.”


“Where is this place, have you ever heard of Sergè’s before?” She asked.


“It’s in Puyallup.” Puyallup Barrens is a district of Seattle, devastated by the Mount Rainier eruption decades ago. It is a poor and unsafe district. A good place to buy illegal goods is at the Crime Mall, a giant black market in the shell of an old shopping mall. I kind of like it there so I spend a lot of time there, finding equipment. “Yeah, I have been there before, it's an orc bar.”


“Why would you go to a place like that?” she asked with a hint of confusion in her voice.


“You know trying to find missile launchers. E.g. the ones you asked me to find for you.” Shaun gave me a cross look of disgust and relief that she didn’t have to do her own shopping there. Shaun is always uncomfortable around anyone who isn’t human. I’m not sure why, Meta-Humans are people too. The fact that they could rip you in half with their bare hands shouldn’t make a difference. Okay, only trolls can do that. But still.


We jumped on our bikes and headed out. After dodging a few burned out shells of cars, we made it to Sergè’s. It didn’t take too long to find Dane waiting in the bar for us. “Where are the others? Where is the muscle?” Shaun and I gave a quick glance to each other, not knowing that anyone else was supposed to show.


Sounding a little annoyed that Dane did not think of her as the muscle, Shaun said, “You know if you made your own phone calls you might know who was or was not showing up for your meetings.” A long second passed, I hoped that Shaun would calm down. She did, “I know of a gun slinger that we can call to help you out.” As Shaun made the call to Cheese, to get in on the run, Dane and I ordered beers while we waited for the last member of our team.


Once Cheese arrived at Sergè’s, Dane got straight to business. He explained how someone was poisoning the water supply in his neighborhood. The poison was making the teenagers sick. Dane needed some investigating to stop whoever was behind this. Dane advised that he had two leads to follow up on. One of them was the local water supply plant and the other was the local plumber that did repair work at the facility.


Dane gave us 5K NuYen up front and our assignment, and we agreed. Shaun and I were supposed to go to Tony’s Tubes, the local plumber and check out his records. While Dane and Cheese would go to the water plant and check it out. Sounds like easy money so far. Cuz that’s usually the case, right? Second rule of Shadowrunning, NEVER split up the group. You can tell we don’t like rules, using them more like, well, guidelines.


We waited ‘til 2:00 am before setting off on our recon missions. Shaun and I reached our target not long after. Low physical security on the outside, just a video camera, so we donned our masks and approached. The locked door would not be a problem as I shifted to my mist form and slipped under the door. Once on the other side, I unlocked it and let my companion in and then summoned an air spirit to guard us, it did not come.


We headed straight for the main office and searched the files. Believe it or not, they actually had paper files. This place shoulda been a museum. We looked for work done for the city and found none. Matter of fact, all of the paper work seems to be bogus. We moved to the one and only computer in the shop. I connect my com-link to it and dialed my hacker buddy, Dovark.   With an open com-link line, it was like having him right here working on this computer. Within a minute, he reported that the computer in the shop was as bogus as everything else we found. This place is starting to look more and more like a front for something else. What, I do not know. I take a few of the files, and use the camera to get copies of the rest. 


As we start to leave the shop, we look at the other rooms in the building. One is a supply room and other room is locked. I tried my mist form to enter the locked room, but failed. Shaun said, “Well, when magic fails, use brute force” and she kicked at the door. She managed to place a good size hole in the door as her foot went thru. To our surprise the door was not a door, but a wall made to look like a door. These people are weird, using a door to hide a wall. We widen the hole and step in to find nothing at all. Again very weird, but it’s time to head back and report back to Dane.


As we regroup, it becomes apparent that Dane and Cheese had more fun on their recon mission. Dane’s long coat had a big cut completely thru it and Cheese was bruised and blood stained. They explained how two ninja jumped them and the ninja lost the fight (and their lives), and Cheese placed an extra round in each of their heads, a going-away gift, or the second place prize, as he would like to call it. Were the ninja in on the poisoning of the Puyallup?


As the morning moved on and the sun started to rise, we sat around discussing the night’s event. Shaun received a call on her com-link and, as she was talking to whoever it was on the other side, she turned and said, “Turn on the news!” As we scanned the news, we saw a report on the break-in at the water plant and that the Yakuza were the prime suspects for that.


Once the news was over, Shaun broke the silence by saying, “The Yaks also have a hit out on Dane. Lucky for you they don’t know your name, but they do know that you’re an orc mage and that you have their data-chips.” Oh, when we get news it’s all good. Not! Now we still need to find out who is trying to poison the community, while also trying to figure out a way to keep the Japanese Mafia off of our backs at the same time.


On our last mission with Dane, we stole some data chips that auto encrypt data and any information stored on them. Now the owners are looking for their property. “If it will get the Yaks off our backs, I will give them back their chips,” Dane said. Once everyone agreed to give the chips back, I now needed to set up a meeting. Dane gave me the number to an untraceable/burnable cell for the Yaks to contact us with, he is so paranoid. 

I walked into a restaurant where I know that Yaks go-gang members hang out. I left after passing a note to one of the members and saying, “your boss will be pleased with this information.” The note read, “Missing Data Chips? Call 555-123-4567.” We didn’t wait long for a call. It was from a Renraku business man. Renraku Computer Systems, headquartered in Japan and it’s the fifth largest corporation in the world. As the name implies, its business core is computer technology, especially memory storage and databases. Now we know who made these data chips. I hope that they don’t deploy the Renraku Red Samurai security forces after us.

Dane and I will visit the Renraku leaving Cheese and Shaun, who already have a beef with the Yaks, out of it. As we stepped into the Renraku building, we were greeted by their security force. It was not the Red Samurai. So far so good. Once relieved of all weapons, which I do not use, and magical defense, which I did, we were escorted to the 6th floor below ground, the sub-sub-sub-sub-sub basement. Talk about a good place to bury someone.

The meeting went a lot better than I thought it would. The Renraku businessman did not threaten us at all. Instead, he advised that he and the Yaks are not responsible for the water poisoning in Puyallup. And he was willing to remove the hit on Dane, if we would give them the proof to clear the name of the Yaks. And for the cherry on top, they were willing to pay to get the data-chips back. We agree to his terms and the way to exchange the chips for the NuYen. One crisis down, and one more to fix. And more money.

Back to the poisoning - the chemical analysis of the poison, which Dane sent off, came back as all natural ingredients. And after a little more leg work, we came up with one big suspect, Carl Raven Claw. Carl is a raven shaman, like myself, and has a big following with the promise of a more natural life than the one we’re living.   

We drove to the very outskirts of Seattle, where we found Raven Claw, and a few hundred of his followers, had set up camp in a large clearing. The camp consisted of 50 some small tents and two very large tents. Dane peek into the astral, and it revealed they also had about six Beast Spirits guarding the camp.

The camp had an open door policy; Raven Claw was still trying to get more followers and was welcoming any who just showed up. We decided to take advantage of this. I was to go in and keep an eye on Raven Claw, while the rest go and search his tent.

Since I didn’t want to stand out like a sore thumb, I got friendly with the locals. After locating Raven Claw, I looked around and found a group of late teens, or early twenty year olds. As I approached, I chose my target. The prettiest girl in the bunch was wearing a denim skirt and a white cotton tank tee that show off her stomach underneath an open jean jacket. Focusing my thoughts toward her, I commanded, “Play along with me.” Hoping she was not a mage, I approached.

As I neared the group, I caressed the young girl’s arm and slide my hand down to her elbow. With a slight tug that suggested for her to turn toward me, I said, “Hello beautiful, I made it here, like I promised.”

“Oh I didn’t think that you would come”, she said as she reached around to hug me. She turned to introduce me to the group, giving me their names and in return, I introduced myself as Jack. Did you expect me to give my real name?

As time progressed, the group asked me simple questions, like where we met or where I lived. I would just have to start the answer to the question and Jill, my hypnotized beauty, would finish the answer. At one point, early in the encounter, the boy who was introduced to me as Bobby seemed to get upset. He must have been the current boyfriend of Jill. With a mental probe, I told him to “Get Lost!” At which point Bobby left our little group and was not seen for the rest of the night.

At the same time, I was keeping an eye on Raven Claw. When he was about to leave eyesight from the group of teens, I leaned over to Jill and whispered into her ear. “How about we take a little walk, alone.” Jill smiled and nodded her head. As we stood, she whispered something into her girlfriend’s ear and they both giggled.   But at least with the only the two of us, it was easier to move and it still seemed that I belonged.

The two of us shadowed Raven Claw. It was easy to lead Jill to where I needed to go. While under my hypnotic spell, Jill just followed my lead without question. She acted lick a love sick puppy. I need to remember that simple phrase for the next girl.

While shadowing Raven Claw, he and his group suddenly turn and start back toward us. Swiftly, I lean against a tree, pulling Jill very close to my body and kissing her lips. She returns my kiss and slides her tongue into my mouth. Hopefully Raven Claw will ignore this passionate scene.

By the time I got around to running my hands up her back, Raven Claw and his companions have passed us with only a single glance and a smirk. Jill was getting turned on, and how was I to stop her without being rude? Being semi-alone, Jill lifted her leg, as I lifted her shirt to free her bare breasts. I ran my other hand up her leg to grab her ass. No surprise that she’s commando there as well.

Messaging her breast with one hand, I moved my other between her legs. I harden beneath my pants. I need to stop this, I’m on a mission. Need to stay focused, but at the same time I wanted a taste of Jill. Screw the mission, or better yet, screw Jill.

Just using one of my canines and not aiming for a vain, I pierced her skin with a pin-size hole. The blood dribbled out of her slowly and I could see that the wound was already trying to close. I placed my mouth over the small puncture and sucked. Her blood was so smooth, so pure, that I wondered if the vegan life style she was living was the reason she tasted so good. I’ll be calling on Jill again.

She pulled away and started to drop to her knees when a bell started ringing. “It’s time for tonight’s story. We have to go.” She said. She grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the people.

 “Story?” I ask not sure what she was talking about.

“Yes, silly, Carl tells a story every night, the whole camp gathers to hear them.” No, I didn’t know, but at least I know where I can find Raven Claw and that he is also occupied and giving the group more time. After we straighten our clothing, we rejoined the rest of the camp to hear Carl tell his story.

Once everyone in the camp was assembled, Raven Claw started his story, err speech. Time for me to just enjoy the party, life as a Shadowrunner is hard sometimes. Raven Claw told us of how the Ancient Raven Spirit brought the sun and light to the people. As Raven Claw started to tell the story, he made use of his body, moving his arms and his head bobbing to emphasized the story. He said,

“At the beginning of time, the first chief was very greedy. He owned the SUN and would not share with his people. The people live in the dark but the chief did not care.

The SUN was more than just light, the SUN was also Knowledge.

The Raven came down and asked the Chief to share the sun with his people. Let them live in the light.

The Chief ignored the Raven saying that he owned the SUN and that they could not take it away from him.

This was true. Knowledge cannot be taken, Knowledge must be given.

The Raven, being a trickster, came up with an idea. He went to the Chief’s daughter and impregnated her with himself. There he grew and was born to the daughter and was the Chief’s first grandchild.

Once born, the new baby cried and cried and cried. Nothing could make the child stop. Nothing seemed to make the child happy.

Until one day, the Chief was so tired, he gave the SUN to his grandchild to play with.

When the Raven received the SUN he changed his mortal form for his Raven form and carried the SUN away from the chief and set it high in the sky, out of the reach of the chief.

The Raven had brought the SUN, Light of Knowledge, to the people.

That was the end of the story as it was told to me, even though I still do not remember ever being told it. But Raven Claw went on. “Just as the Raven brought the knowledge to the people, we shall bring knowledge to the city. Their corrupt ways are poisoning themselves and the earth. We shall show give them the SUN if they want it or not.”

How could he corrupt the teaching like that? Knowledge could not be taken but it cannot be forced down the throats of people who do not want it either. Raven Claw was now getting off the sage, his speech done. I radioed to the group to hurry up, that he was on the move, and turned off my com-link.

Raven Claw approached me, extended his hand and greeted me. “New here? I saw you out in the crowd. So what do you think of our camp? Enjoy your time here?” Now I was wondering if he recognized me as the one with Jill? With my bad luck, Jill will turn out to be his daughter.

“Very impressive” I said trying play to his ego without biting my own tongue. I need to keep his attention long enough to allow the group to get in and out of his tent. Raven Claw starts to lead me around explaining his views and showing me the benefits of the natural way. 

The more he talks, the more I want to punch him in the face. Even though he was obviously corrupting the Native American tales for his own purpose, he was also making sense. Everyone knew that the city and the corps are killing the planet and everyone on it. It is only a matter of time. Then he talked about how the Raven has shown him the true magical power and it was in his tent. He invited me to see the power. And I could not refuse to see the true power of the Raven.

We entered his tent and he pointed out a long case sitting on table and told me go ahead and open it. As I open the case, thinking this might be the Holy Grail of the Raven, all I see is a hand grenade missing it’s safety pin. The Spoon on the grenade went flying and I closed the lid but the predictable happened. It went off and blasted me across the room.

“You think you can fool me?” he yelled. “I knew that it was you at my plumbing shop. I saw your astral signature from your summoning attempt. Now tell me what were you doing there?” 

I’m not sure where he learned his interrogation tactics but they were very poor. He should’ve tied me down first or something. All I know is that I was very hurt and needed to escape. Casting a levitation spell I tried to fly my way out. But for some reason casting magic was more difficult and my results suffered. Floating away was not the quick getaway that I was expecting.

Gun fire started to erupt outside of the now open top tent and I could see Shaun’s van heading this way. Hopefully I can last until they arrive. The last thing I see is a blast of magic from Raven Claw – at me.

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*shakes his head and laughs* You gave me everything I asked for... And a little bit more than I expect.

Three points for the story. I am also awarding two points to your wife - for having to read the unedited version of your sex scene.

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