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Next Game - March 28?
big_daddy_dan wrote in livebythedie
Ok, since this past weekend was busted, and since the host will be gone over the next two weekends - How's everyone's schedule for the 28th?

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Sounds good to me. Are we gonna do Shadowrun or are we gonna restart Endless Skies? Will is really excited to have another game since I got him the Airships book.

Doesn't matter to me...roleplaying in any form fits my Need.

I'm Good for March 28. Either game will be good as well.

You all know that you can have a game without me. If you schedule one for the 2 weekends, go ahead.

im good for march 28th

Have you been able to fix your car? What happen to your car again?

Just want to make sure that the game is still on. And what is the start time / where it is beining held. Can some please answer.

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