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Shadow Run Question for GM
ray20886 wrote in livebythedie

Bob, the great and all knowing GM of our ShadowRun game.

The magical group that I belong to, the Path Finders, is a group of 20+ members in 5 sites, which gives us about 4 members per location.   I would like to suggests to the group that we need a vehicle that can handle off-road conditions.  The group has a sponsor but the usually does not give us cars to drive. So I to see if the other members of the group would like to equally purchase the vehicle with me.  The vehicle will morphing license plates, so one criminal active will not be tracked to another member of the group.  I was looking at the Hot Spur.


So what do you think? Will the other 3 members of the group chip in?



Craygo, or JD (whatever you like to call me)


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my bike is an off road bike. but I can chip in for a off road truck or buggy. I think we also need a heavy squad support drone tha can follow us into buildings and lay down some heavy firepower as well as give us somthin to take cover behind. (a steel lynx with a MMG for example) Ive used this aproach in many games and it works extreamly well. sorry I missed last game, im looking foward to the next :)

Last game (during down time between missions) I installed a rocket launcher and white knight on my LEBD. :-)

Since this is not something they would commonly ask for, you and I will roll to see if you can 'persuade' them into this buying venture.

Okay. Glad to see you read Live Journal. I have also come up with plans to sweeten the deal. But Since dice are needed I tell you about them at our next game.

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