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Capsize: Character Creation Rules
ultimastrike wrote in livebythedie
These are the character creation and house rules for the continuation of the Capsize story.

Section 1: Basic Rules
I will be continuing the same storyline from last time. Airship crews can have a high turnover rate (especially where combat is involved) so you don't have to recreate your old characters if you don't wish to. Or, you could use your old character's personality and change their stats.

  • All characters new or old start at exactly level 6.
  • All characters start with 4th level starting gold. The rest of your wealth is currently invested in the ship...
  • The crafting system is more accessible to players in Capsize. You may consider this when choosing a class, skills and feats.

Section 2: Crew Role
On page 29 of the Airships supplement you will find a section called, "Roles of Airship Crews". This details the various crew positions available and what they do. These are mostly for roleplaying although some do provide benefits to you or your crew. You will not be penalized if you do not choose a role - you will be considered a "Lieutenant" or some other general officer role. Men can also be hired to fill empty positions from most ports.

  • You are all more or less equal partners in the ship, so you will most likely receive shares of the treasure as payment for your services. How large and equal these shares are is your business, not mine.

Section 3: Prestige Classes
As last time, I want your characters to be a little more high-powered than normal. Similar to giving you extra build points in ShadowRun, I am giving you the opportunity to build your character as if you were a prestige class at level 1.

  • You can ignore most of the prestige class requirements - however there are some obvious exceptions (a level 1 Mystic Theurge would be completely worthless, for example.). Run your choice by me before you start building.
  • The Airships supplement in the Capsize section of our website has several extra prestige classes for you to choose from. You may technically use any source for your prestige class, as long as you run it past me first.

Section 4: Skill Points
In addition to your class you will receive three extra skill points per level (+12 at first level). This is intended to encourage you to invest in skills you might not normally consider. The more skill varieties your party has, the more likely you will be able to cope with new challenges. Note that there are additional skills in the Airships supplement posted in the Capsize section.

  • The rules for cross-class skills have been negated.

Section 5: Feats
Each character may take one additional feat at first level. This is also intended to encourage you to take unusual feats. I recommend looking at the extra feats in the Airships supplement. Please note that the crafting system will be far more accessible in Capsize and will not require you to spend experience. If crafting is something you believe your character would invest in, feel free to ask me about it. To keep this post from getting too long I will not post the new crafting rules here, but they are available to anyone that is interested.

I will update this post as questions are asked.

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